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LGPD – Is your company ready? We have a quick method to know!

Barbara Guelfi

On September 18, 2020, law n ◦ 13,709/2018 came into force, which deals with the General Data Protection Act, better known as the LGPD.

And with all the changes and principles that companies must adapt to, often, and because it’s something new, they don’t know where to start. For this we came here to show you that a quiet adaptation can be made through a planning outlined in all the principles that the law deals with, through GAP ANALYSIS. 

Process mapping and GAP ANALYSIS

If you have visited our website, you should know the Gap Analysis, the method thatKivalita Consulting has to perform a diagnosis in a business to check the gaps based on some legislation. Thinking about it, even if it is an internal procedure, it is necessary to perform a mapping based on the LGPD of the whole company and check in order of criticality which gaps need to be solved, and from this information it will be possible to create your planning and also check which team will be responsible for the project, and which professionals need training to understand the adequacy process.

Company Awareness (Training)




The other adequacy phases are always guided by the final GAP Analysis report. Therefore, without this first step, the process can become much more time consuming and costly, besides not adapting to the overview of every business, and can generate “sectorized” planning, without considering the interrelations between the processes, which in this case make the real solution impossible.

Don’t skip steps, shortcuts can be expensive! Safety and quality are fundamental to business health.

Contact us and pray for a GAP ANALYSIS without obligation! It costs less than you think!

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