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Founded with the inspiration of providing consulting services with real quality, Kivalita Consulting is the choice of those looking for technical capacity, agility and commitment.

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Kivalita Consulting.
Your quality choice.

Doing quality management for our customers with total commitment to results. This has been the focus of Kivalita Consulting since its founding in 2015. In this way, we have won trust from dozens of companies of the most diverse sizes, from Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Hungary and Sweden.

Today we are a number of employees, forming a team of multiple competencies gathered by the same purpose: to maximize the value and potential of companies and people. More than planning, our team gives their best for your company. We do our job so that you only care about yours.

Through the knowledge and development of quality management as a business strategy, we create solutions, map processes, and promote continuous improvement actions for our business partners.

We facilitate your success, as
creating a better world is our goal

Missão - Quem somos Ícone | Kivalita Consulting
Maximizing companies and people’s both values and potential, ensuring excellence in quality consulting, training and projects through solutions in quality and technology.
Visão - Quem somos Ícone | Kivalita Consulting
Promoting quality as a business strategy and through improvement leading companies to success and thus, creating a better world.
Valores - Quem somos Ícone | Kivalita Consulting
Empowering professionals in their area of expertise, respect for the environment and sustainable activities, promotion and use of technology for process optimization (Industry 4.0) and commitment and respect for the customer from the beginning to the end of each project.
Boost your business quality
Kivalita Consulting is a consultancy specialized in quality and business solutions with a multidisciplinary team in the areas of pharmacy, chemistry, engineering, architecture, biomedicine, IT, environment and many others. Click and learn more!
Our biggest uniqueness: people.
Kivalita team diversity, experience, and technical training makes the difference

Be a Kivalita lion: work with us.

We are looking for professionals who want to grow and learn from us. In the last 5 years, we have doubled in size and today we are more than 50 employees.

Our greatest asset is people and they come first. Here you will have a dynamic, inclusive, collaborative, and intelligent environment in a company that is growing fast and solidly.

If you are passionate about constant learning, challenges, autonomy and speed, your place is here with us.

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