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4 Softwares for you company follow the era of 4.0 industry

Barbara Guelfi and Julia Sant’Anna

That we are in a new industrial era, all of us working in the area already know, and the word process digitization is recurrent in various places of discussion on the Internet, among professionals and even within the company itself.

Thinking about it, we will list 4 software that can help you insert yourself in the new way of being industry, mitigate gaps, risks, costs and rework, create a more pleasant, simple and well managed work environment, promoting and always taking into perspective the quality of products, processes and data.


With the HUGE amount, documents, data, information and files is already more than time for industries to have an online storage system that allows:

  • Online performance of employees in the modification of files and documents.
  • Do not occur data loss and have the guarantee of access to any date file.
  • Remote access of all devices.
  • Security in case there is any kind of intrusion into internal systems.

In this case there are simple solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, but for large industry needs to be made a search for more complex and robust software to ensure the quality and amount of storage required.

2 – Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

It is extremely important that a company has an integrated management system to have the vision and control of all processes that happen in the company in order to better manage, generate data and even simplify transactions.   The SAP One Business system, for example, will bring each process together from each department in a single digital and online environment. He has full performance including financial accounting, Purchasing and Operations, sales and services, Production and MRP, Inventory and distribution, Projects and Administrative Management.   It is important to remember that the macro vision of the business can lead you to have important insights on how to improve the performance of your team and consequently the company.

3 – Production Management – MES

Siemens Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ensures that quality and efficiency are integrated into the manufacturing process and that they are applied proactively and systematically. Manufacturing execution systems connect live production information from factories, websites, and vendors and easily integrate with enterprise equipment, controllers, and applications. The result is complete visibility, control and optimization of production and processes in the company.

4- Software for SGQ – DOCNIX

Industry 4.0 applies to production, of course, but all departments must be automated to have internal integration of all processes.

Docnix software that works with quality assurance system is what you need to manage your Audits, documentation, risks, Records, performance, Training, EHS/SSMA and even occurrences. They are different modules that combined bring control to your hands.

And a bonus for those who have come this far!

Digital signature

Having a digital signature system is essential to complete all negotiations and even internal processes without the need for a pen and paper. Ensures safety and uncomplicates delivery processes and overflow scans for documentation. It is important to remember that in times of pandemic, it is essential to have ways to complete distance transactions.

Contraktor For example, it may be the solution you need, learn more about them.

With these 4 (+ 1 bonus), almost all your processes will be digital and consequently your industry will join the list of fastest growing companies on account of digital solutions.   But always be aware, laws are already in place to manage all this, for example LGPD and regulations of Anvisa and other bodies according to the company’s performance.

It is always necessary to validate these software in order to verify that they comply with all the necessary principles of security and usability. Kivalita can help you in this process and these validations necessary to have your business have the confidence that everything is in compliance with legal  bases, and if there is the correct functioning of each tool.

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