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What is quality culture?

O que é cultura da qualidade? - Interno 4 | Kivalita Consulting

The “culture of quality” is something that every company, especially those in the Life Science sector (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemistry, among others), should have as part of its daily agenda. Engaging employees in favor of decision-making and performing tasks with a focus on the high quality of what is manufactured and delivered to the market is not an easy task.

It is no longer enough to print and fix the “Quality Policy” at strategic points within the company, such as in the places where employees meet for a coffee or in the cafeteria. You have to go further.

The culture of quality should be a natural part of the thoughts and attitudes of the teams, seeking to make the organization’s processes increasingly efficient. Therefore, companies in which employees have quality in mind, prioritizing it for their strategies and actions, come out. Companies that have not yet awakened to this issue, can expose their business to serious risks.

In fact, it takes time and the right strategies to gradually implement the culture of quality across the enterprise. The following are some recommendations on how to disseminate the culture of quality within the company:

  • Evidence the values of thecompany. If your company hasn’t defined what the following values are, it’s important that you clearly define them and prioritize quality. For companies that have already defined them, it is important to review them and make sure they are aligned with the culture of quality they want to implement.
  • Lead by example.  The culture of quality must be very clear to the leaders of the organization and practiced by them, after all it is essential that managers are examples for their leaders.
  • Be transparent and use a simple language. Using simple examples to express the importance of quality in manufacturing processes is essential for employees to understand the impact it can have on their work and at every stage of the process: whether in the selection of the raw material and in the manufacture of the item, and in its commercialization at the point of sale. Promote training about it and track results.
  • Track the performance of yourteams. Bring your teams together to listen to the results of your work and make sure that the measures and good quality practices defined for the processes are being implemented and that they need improvement. In fact, this should be frequent and part of the operational routine.
  • Don’t leave it for later. Don’t think about addressing the issue in the future. Do not leave for later, what can be implemented today. Quality should be treated as a priority within companies and be present in the minds of their employees, from the moment they start working in the organization. So if you haven’t taken the first step towards implementing quality culture in your company, do it now to reap good results in the short and long term!

If the task of spreading quality culture among your teams seems difficult, how about having an expert to help you? We at Kivalita Consulting, a Brazilian companyspecialized in the development of quality management and technology validation for companies in the area of Life Science, can support you in this mission to change the paradigm of your company’s work environment and make it fit for quality culture.

The culture of quality is what maintains compliance, good results and customer satisfaction. Learn about Kivalita Consulting solutions that can transform your business today.

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