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Kivalita’s history and the paths through quality management for companies to overcome the crisis

Founded in 2015, we were born with the spirit of change and focus on uncomplicating process management and businesses quality. And just like you, we’re evolving.

With technology and people willing to help business growth from the inside out, we mitigate costs, risks and let you enjoy everything.  

Our history and the scenario of difficulties faced by Brazilian companies in recent years.

Naturally, all Brazilian companies had to reinvent themselves in this period of successive crises, which gave us even more strength to restructure ourselves.  

Past crises and the current global pandemic crisis (due to the new COVID-19) can be evidenced on the IPEA website, demonstrating GDP during these years and how the projections during the pandemic are:  


Of course, with the political and economic scenarios in Brazil, the challenges for development, growth and expansion are even greater. Thus, besides applying the quality development to companies, Kivalita uses the tools of quality to emerge in the midst of crises.  

How to use Quality Management to overcome the current crisis?   Quality Management is a planned way to obtain viable solutions and face these crises in a competitive and productive way.   Most entrepreneurs are responsible for being the “do everything” of the company, accumulating many functions such as banking, purchase, sales, payments, operations etc.

 Such functions overwhelm him/her, leaving no time to accomplish what the company needs most: quality management. It is at this point that the first step must be taken: the initiative to implement this management system to deal with any adverse situation.  

To do this, we list 5 steps a company needs to develop to overcome any market challenge that may occur:  

Step 1: Create participatory management, changing the old way of “touching” the business, implementing an automated and controlled system of delegation of responsibility to its employees.  

Step 2: Use strategic planning, as a management tool, for all store activities.  

Step 3: Monitor both internal and external business environment, researching not only customers’ but also employees’ satisfaction.  

Step 4: The current market no longer involves using informal management based on intuition, as this has contributed quality loss and companies lack of competitiveness.

A management software is the main option to manage the store in a formal way and based on the company’s data. Read this article to understand how important a management software can be.

Step 5: Perform a correct marketing process, effectively disseminating your product or service. In globalized times, it is necessary to use the newest means of communication with customers, only then the retailer will be able to connect with consumers and establish correct methodologies to publicize business.   Step 6: Many small business owners, despite having excellent products or services, crawled because they don’t give proper attention or, haven’t engaged to efficient marketing.   What are the differentials we have developed during this time?  

We’re different. We care about real results.   

Regardless of the type of service, even if it is rental labor, we are different because we also worry about whether the result /expectation being met. In this sense, Kivalita Consulting invests heavily in technology, exclusively bringing to its clients access to a project platform for monitoring such results real-time (with access from any device with internet) with team performance reports and project deliveries.  

Complicated legislation to follow? We show how to serve them properly, transforming them from expense to investment and growth to the company.  

Much more than complying with the legislation, Kivalita Consulting seeks ways through quality tools so that this adequacy brings real growth and making the investment profitable to the company, mitigating unnecessary costs, risks and rework. With this development, much more than having “documentation” in your Quality System for audits, we are experts to make your processes validated and lean bringing real results. All in a planned way, full of indicators for assertive decision making!  

We are the “Coaches” of companies, developing them in their best version with the best quality methodologies.   Picture your company in its best version and not being an effort to achieve real growth results, in addition to meeting the applicable laws. Have you? That’s possible!   The results will be visible in a short time, such as; better planning of activities, greater motivation of all, better organization, operating costs reduction, less waste, loss control, higher quality and overall productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and finally, increased sales and as a final result, business survival!   Thus, implementing quality management becomes a matter of “survival” for thousands of retailers.  

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Even after these successive crises, we have had even more evidence that all companies which had invested in quality before, have outdone and become even stronger during these crises. Kivalita Consulting is one of these companies, which has been developing day after day and assisting other companies with the same spirit.    

Imbued with this determination to grow and always develop, Kivalita Consulting team has improved in reinventing itself and developing through all the necessary quality tools, becoming a strong and flexible team of new market trends.

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